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5th Annual ADVANCED Environmental Bootcamp - New Orleans

Are you ready to "Take the Next Step"! There are only 25 spots available in this annual seminar so don't wait...register today! This seminar was designed for those that are familiar with air, water and waste regulations and/or have previously taken the Environmental Awareness Bootcamp. EPA Alliance welcomes Gerald "Jay" Collert as the speaker for this course. Jay is the original desgner of this class and the Environmental Bootcamp, first offered in 1996.

Nashville, TN

Course Overview:

The annual Advanced Environmental Bootcamp consists of composite operating data from facilities, simulating real-world operations. Attendees will have to troubleshoot the environmental programs in place, using the environmental "files" at their disposal to develop action plans to bring the "facility" back to compliance. Learn first hand, working in small groups, how all of the environmental programs interrelate within a facility. Bring your Environmental Plans with you to the class!!


Course Topics and Exercises:

  • RCRA Issues and Management
    This section will focus on how the management of hazardous waste impacts this facility. Using facility records, including MSDS records, hazardous waste manifests, and other records found during your brief inspection of the file cabinet, you will work in small groups to develop strategies to help manage hazardous waste, including determining generator status, setting up satellite accumulation points, container storage areas, training, and other RCRA issues. Used oil and universal wastes will also be part of your work in this section.  You will also determine how the generation of hazardous waste can impact other environmental areas that will be addressed in the days to come.

  • EPCRA Issues and Management
    Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know can be a daunting area to address. This section will have you looking at facility records to determine if any reporting requirements exist; what forms, what chemicals, and who needs to be informed; and other issues related to EPCRA.

  • Clean Water Act Issues and Management
    Today is the day you decide how the facility is impacted by the Clean Water Act. You have found that regulated activities are taking place on-site that require a water quality permit and it is your assignment to determine if all of the paperwork has been completed related to the permit. And, by working in small groups, you will address and outline a management plan which will help your facility comply with the permit. A review of the records and other paperwork will be necessary to achieve compliance in this section.

    Along with a water quality permit, you have also discovered that the facility is covered under a general stormwater permit. In this section, working within your group, you will first determine if the permit in the records is the appropriate permit for the facility, whether the paperwork that was submitted to apply for the permit was correct, and if the written Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan is current and compliant with the general permit.

  • SPCC Issues and Management
    Next on your plate is the Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures plan. Working in your group, you will review facility records to determine if a plan is required by the facility. Then, reviewing the facility plan, you will draw up an action plan that will be used to determine the "health" of the plan. You will include items that are missing from the plan, items that need additional clarification on the plan, and items that do not comply with the regulations.

  • Clean Air Issues and Management
    The facility has been issued general air permits for various industrial activities that are taking place on-site and for a number of industrial boilers that are used for heat and hot water. By reviewing the permits, you will be looking for evidence that all the required maintenance is taking place for the covered items, inspections are taking place, and that the proper records are being maintained mandated by the permit.

  • Class Presentations/Course Wrap-up
    After all the work you have put in, it is now time to present your findings to the group. A report based on all of the issues that were explored by each group will be given. Major problems you found related to compliance will be listed as well as solutions your group have determined to be the best way to solve the problems. An opportunity for questions and answers will be given to help clarify topics.


Who Should Attend:


•   Facility Managers and Inspectors
•   Environmental and Safety Managers and Directors
•   Environmental, Health and Safety Personnel
•   Environmental Specialist, Planners and Coordinators
•   Environmental Engineers
•   Environmental Attorneys
•   Regulatory Affairs Managers
•   Environmental Project and Program Managers
•   Environmental Consultants and Environmental Sales Managers
•   Corporate Attorneys, Management and Executive Staff
•   Anyone responsible for environmental activities at their organization

Approved Continuing Education:

•   State Bar of Louisiana - MCLE
•   State Bar of Texas - MCL
•   The Institute of Hazardous Materials Managers (IHMM)
American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH)
National Environmental Safety and Health Training Association (NESHTA)
Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)
And many more...

ADVANCED Environmental Bootcamp Agenda:


Day 1, RCRA and EPCRA

8:00AM: Course, Speaker and Attendee Introductions
9:00AM: RCRA Issues and Management
10:0AM: Break
10:15AM: RCRA Issues and Management + Exercises (Continued)
12:00PM: Lunch on your own or with colleagues
1:00PM: EPCRA Issues and Management
2:30PM: Break
2:45PM: EPCRA Issues and Management + Exercises (Continued)
4:15PM: Question and Answers (Q&A)
4:30PM: Day 1 Ends

Day 2, Clean Water Act with Stormwater Management

8:00AM: Day 1 Review
8:30AM: Clean Water Act (CWA) Issues and Management
10:0AM: Break
10:15AM: Clean Water Act (CWA) Issues and Management + Exercises (Continued)
12:00PM: Lunch on your own or with colleagues
1:00PM: Clean Water Act (CWA) Issues and Management w/ Stormwater
2:30PM: Break
2:45PM: Clean Water Act (CWA) Issues and Management w/ Stormwater + Exercises (Continued)
4:15PM: Question and Answers (Q&A)
4:30PM: Day 1 Ends

Day 3, SPCC Management

8:00AM: Day 2 Review
8:30AM: SPCC Issues and Management
10:00AM: Break
10:15AM: SPCC Issues and Management + Exercises
12:30PM: End of Day 3. Get out early and enjoy New Orleans!


Day 4, Clean Air Management

8:00AM: Day 3 Review
8:30AM: Clean Air Issues and Management
10:00AM: Break
10:15AM: Clean Air Issues and Management + Exercises
1:30PM: Class Presentations and Course Wrap-up
3:00PM: End of course


What People are Saying:


"This was a great hands-on class. I feel like a have a great understanding now of how these regulations impact my facility."


"Spot on! A great follow-up to the Environmental Awareness Bootcamp."


"Wonderful speaker and left this class with a real practical understanding of these regulations."


"Jay was excellent. By far one of the best trainings i have ever taken. I really learned a lot."


"This class was very well presented and the exercises were wonderful. I actually feel like I have a better handle on my facility and what’s required of my job now!"


"Great course. I will definitely recommend to my colleagues.“


"Thanks for everything! I am very glad i took this class and hope to get my employer to send our other staff to the next training offering. Absolutely worth it."


"Excellent training from start to finish. I really learned a lot and left the class with tons of materials and knowledge."


"I'm a new fan of EPA Alliance. This was my first class with you guys and it went way beyond my expectations. Very profesional and accomodating organization. Thank you so much for helping me with my hotel internet and parking problems! Nice to see an organization put its customers first!"


New Orleans, Louisiana


September 19-22, 2017 (3.5 Days)

Training Venue:

Hilton Garden Inn French Quarter/CBD
821 Gravier Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: (504) 324-6000
Hotel Website: Click Here


About the Hotel/Venue:


World-famous attractions are at your fingertips at this Hilton Garden Inn. Located in the heart of the Central Business District and steps from the French Quarter, this hotel offers contemporary conveniences in the heart of the Big Easy with no need for a car. Famous restaurants, bars, shopping, museums and nightlife are a step away.

Training Cost:

$995/2+persons - Group Discount
$995/Person - Government Discount. Call (713) 703-7016 to receive Government discount.

Register Here


Gerald "Jay" Collert, CHMM, CET.
Read More


Event Host:

Jeremy P. Kelley, Director, EPA Alliance Training Group


Hotel Room Block Information:

EPA Alliance has booked a limited group of rooms at a discounted price for our students. First come first serve basis.
Book by Phone: (888) 492-8847
. Room block code is EPA Alliance

Book Online: Click Here
Nightly Rate: $119, Single or Double
Hotel Cut-Off Date: August 26, 2017
Question regarding our room block, contact EPA Alliance at (713) 703-7016.

Travel & Hotel Information:

Recommended Airport: Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
Shuttle: Airport Shuttle is available to hotels in CBD/French Quarter for $20/One Way or $38/Round Trip.
Taxi: $33 for 1 Person one way.
Hotel Parking:$28/Daily-Nightly.
Hotel Ammenities: Complimentary in-room WiFi and walking distance to French Quarter.


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