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Environmental Awareness Bootcamp - Hilton Head, South Carolina

The #1 Course for Environmental, Health and Safety Professionals! Come on over to beautiful Hilton Head Island for the Environmental Awareness Bootcamp! This class is right on the beach with wonderful activites and nightlife to keep you busy! We sold out of seats last year so please register early for this event! EPA Alliance utilizes the same quality instructors and same quality presentations (updated of course) since 1996! Our instructors are nationally renowned experts and the original Environmental Bootcamp instructors.

Atlanta Buckhead

Course Overview:

A lot of new regulations and updates to current regulations have come out recently under the Obama Administration and now the pendulum is swinging back right as President Trump has taken office. What does this mean for environmental regulatory programs, the U.S. EPA and your facility? It could mean significant implications for companies across a wide range of industry sectors and you need to start preparing now.

The Environmental Bootcamp will explore these U.S. EPA air, water and waste programs and other environmental issues to help you prepare for what comes next. In addition the Evironmental Awareness Bootcamp will not only explore these regulations but also provide a thorough breakdown of each while providing you with the latest regulatory updates and future projections that could impact your industry.

This course is designed for those new to the environmental industry or certain programs and for those veterans that need a good refresher and update. The Environmental Bootcamp covers in detail numerous federal and state, environmental, air, water and waste regulations that may impact your facility. From day one, we will take you through each of these regulations in detail, setting a framework for the rest of the seminar. Day 3 and 4, we will take you on the ground and teach you how these regulations apply to your organization and how to keep in compliance. Throughout each day we will teach proven and practical compliance strategies that you can bring back to your facility or organization. In addition, this seminar is a wonderful chance to meet and converse with other environmental professionals in your industry. Bring the family and make a vacation out of it!

Course Topics:

•   Environmental Regulatory Overview

•   Environmental Liability and Citizen Suits

•   Environmental Liability under CERCLA

•   Clean Air Act (CAA) Overview

•   Risk Management Plan (RMP) Program
•   New Source Review (NSR) Program
•   New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) including new Methane Rule
•   State Implementation Plan (SIP) Standards and Limitations
•   National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAPs))
•   Title V Permitting Program
•   The Clean Water Act (CWA)
•   Water Quality Permitting and 404 Permitting
•   Storm Water Planning & NPDES Permitting
•   SPCC Compliance and Planning
•   The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
•   RCRA Identification of Hazardous Waste/Exclusions and Delisting of Wastes
•   RCRA Day-to-Day Operations
•   The Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act (EPCRA)
•   Environmental Reporting (Tier I, Tier II and TRI Reporting)
•   Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA): Managing PCBs and Asbestos

•   ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems
•   Environmental Audits and Inspections
•   Underground Storage Tank (UST) Compliance

•   Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Compliance
•   Hazardous Materials Transportation (HMT) Compliance

Who Should Attend:


•   Facility Managers and Inspectors
•   Environmental and Safety Managers and Directors
•   Environmental, Health and Safety Personnel
•   Environmental Specialist, Planners and Coordinators
•   Environmental Engineers
•   Environmental/Corporate Attorneys
•   Regulatory Affairs Managers

•   Military Personnel
•   Environmental Project and Program Managers
•   Environmental Consultants and Environmental Sales Managers
•   Corporate Attorneys, Management and Executive Staff
•   Anyone responsible for environmental activities at their organization

Approved Continuing Education:

•   State Bar of Louisiana - MCLE
•   State Bar of Texas - MCL
•   The Institute of Hazardous Materials Managers (IHMM)
American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH)
National Environmental Safety and Health Training Association (NESHTA)
Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)
And many more...

Environmental Bootcamp Agenda:


Day 1, Speaker: Rolf von Oppenfeld
8:00AM: Course, Speaker and Attendee Introductions
9:00AM: Environmental Statutory and Regulatory Overview Including Civil and Criminal Liability
10:0AM: Break
10:15AM: Environmental Statutory and Regulatory Overview (Continued)
12:00PM: Lunch on your own or with colleagues
1:00PM: Clean Air Act (CAA) Overview - National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS), State Implementation Plans (SIPs) and Beyond
3:00PM: Break
3:15PM: CAA Overview (Continued) - Emission Standards and Limitations (New Source Review Program (NSR), New Source Performance Standards (NSPS), SIP Standards and Limitations & National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAPs))
4:30PM: Question and Answers (Q&A)
5:00PM: Day 1 Ends

Day 2, Speaker: Rolf von Oppenfeld
8:00AM: CAA Overview (Continued) - Title V Air Permitting
9:30AM: Break
9:45AM: Clean Water Act (CWA) Overview – NPDES, Pretreatment, Stormwater, Wetlands Permiting
12:00PM: Lunch on your own or with colleagues
1:00PM: Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Overview including Identification of Hazardous Waste/Exclusions and Delisting of Wastes
3:00PM: Break
3:15PM: Overview of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act (EPCRA) including Overlapping of Environmental Reporting (Planned and Emergency Releases) Under Other Federal Statutes
4:45PM: Question and Answers (Q&A)
5:00PM: Day 2 Ends

Day 3, Speaker: Michael Owen
8:00AM: Speaker Introduction
8:15AM: RCRA: Day-to-Day Operations
10:00AM: Break
10:15AM: CWA: SPCC Planning and Compliance
12:00PM: Lunch on your own or with colleagues
1:15PM: CWA: SPCC Inspection Exercise
1:45PM: CWA: Stormwater Pollution Prevenion Planning (SWPPP)
3:00PM: Break
3:15PM: TSCA: Managing PCBs and Asbestos
4:45PM: Question and Answers (Q&A)
5:00PM: Day 3 Ends

Day 4, Speaker: Michael Owen
8:00AM: Underground Storage Tank (UST) & Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Compliance
9:15AM: Environmental Audits, Inspections and Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
10:30AM: Break
10:45AM: Hazardous Materials Transportation (HMT) Compliance
12:00PM: Question and Answers (Q&A)
12:30PM: Course Adjourn


What People are Saying:


"A lot of information covered. Both instructors were very knowledgeable, patient and willing to go out of there way to help each student. Great job!"


"All in all, a very informative 3.5 days of training. Well worth it"


"Excellent class. I took the Environmental Bootcamp through another organization in 2010...i wish i would have taken yours first so we could have saved 2k! Loved it."


"Great course. I was a wonderful update and overview of each of these regulations. I have a great understanding of how these programs work together now and a great starting point for compliance at our facility."


"Very informative and great presentations and handouts. Speakers were excellent."


"Excellent class and presentations. I'll be sending more of my EH&S team!"


"Excellent trainers and very very engaging. I learned a tremendous amount."


"I learned a lot and now have lots of tools to do more training and learning on my own. Great instructors! so knowledgeable and I appreciate there ability to bring the information down to my level of expertise."


"Prior to taking this class i didnt know much about our environmental federal regulations regarding air and water quality. It was a real pleasure to take this class as it made it easier to get a better grasp of the important concepts of the Clean Air and Clean Water Act. Thanks for the experience. Great instructors."


"Both instructors were extremely knowledgeable in the law and every day compliance. I highly recommend this class!


"Very well organized and engaging. Great organization. I would recommend to my peers."


Hilton Head, SC


August 29-September 1, 2017 (3.5 Days)

Training Venue:

Holiday Inn Resort Beach House
1 South Forest Beach Drive
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
Phone: (855) 433-0341

The Beach House

Training Cost:

$995/2+persons - Group Discount
$995/Person - Government Discount. Call (713) 703-7016 to receive Government discount.

Register Here


Rolf R. Von Oppenfeld, TESTLaw Practice Group and Michael Owen, Owner, QES Associates
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Event Host:

Jeremy P. Kelley, Director, EPA Alliance Training Group


Hotel Room Block Information:

EPA Alliance has booked a limited group of rooms at a discounted price for our students. First come first serve basis.
Reservation Number: (855) 433-0341
Room Block Code: Environmental Bootcamp
Nightly Rate: $159.00/Standard King
Hotel Cut-Off Date: August 4, 2017
Question regarding our room block, contact EPA Alliance at (713) 703-7016.

Travel & Hotel Information:

Recommended Airport: Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport, located approximately 45 miles south of the Island
Shuttle: Airport Shuttles are Available
Taxi: Average $80.
Hotel Parking: $Free
Hotel Ammenities: Complimentary in-room WiFi, Fitness Center, walking distance beach, restaurants, bars, shopping, etc.


Plan Your Fun in Hilton Head, SC!


Hilton Head Island may only be 12 miles by 5 miles wide, but you’ll find everything you need here for the ultimate Island retreat. Enjoy days basking in the sun, sand and surf of some of the best beaches in the country. Get into the swing of things at your choice of 24 world-class golf courses and 350 tennis courts, embark on a culinary journey at one of over 250 restaurants, or simply walk your way to a new outdoor adventure.

Hilton Head


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The EPA Alliance collects $5 for every registration to go towards the Wounded Warriers Project. As a small veteran owned business we understand the importance and need of supporting our troops, especially those that have been wounded during combat.


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