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Introduction into the Hazardous Material Transportation Act (HMTA)

Course Overview:

This two (2) hour course provides each student with an introduction to the principles, regulations, policies and opinions applicable to the Hazardous Material Transportation Act (HMTA) of 1975. The course discusses in detail the HMTA including the history, purpose and structure of the various regulations put in place by the Act. The overall goal of this course is to provide each student with a general knowledge of what kinds of materials / operations are generally regulated as "hazardous waste", as well to provide an understanding of the overall purpose and objectives of HMTA regulations; including how they relate to compliance with current federal, state and local environmental regulations. The course also provides an overview of the requirements to safely transport hazardous materials, as well as the regulatory requirements of the Department of Transportation.


How You Will Benefit:

Define “hazardous material” and “hazardous waste”.

Understand the HMTA Regulations in the Wake of 9-11.

Identify federal, state, and local regulations pertinent to hazardous waste management.

Explain major topics covered by HMTA.

Discuss regulatory impacts on hazardous waste management.

Recognize that proper hazardous waste management is required by federal and state regulations.

Determine if waste is hazardous and, if so, in what respect.

How to maintain proper hazardous waste container and storage requirements.

Understand the basic requirements for transportation of hazardous wastes including the requirements of DOT and the EPA.


2 hours. Asynchronous WBT course, which means you can finish the course at your own pace. 2 months completion time. Extensions allowed.



Online Learning Format (Web-based)


System Requirements:

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